HT Capacitors ( High Tension Capacitors / HV High Voltage Capacitor )

We are a Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of HT Capacitors, High Tension Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitor, HV Capacitor and our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Low Voltage Capacitors
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HT capacitors are electronic accessories which store power for use in high voltage applications. These consists of number of elements sequentially arranged with or without a fuse. These are dielectric units infused with biodegradable dielectric liquid and have the main function of providing reactive power. In case of large industries the quality of power supply becomes an important factor for the system operators. They are faced with the issues of network challenges at different levels. The 2 most important issues faced here are the minimizing of losses over long transmission lines and integrating renewable power generation.
We at Magnewin Energy P. Ltd. Are obsessed with providing best quality HT capacitors to our clients. We design our solutions and products in a manner to withstand extreme climatic conditions for industries and their transmission applications

The unit ratings of a basic single capacitor can be summed up as below:

  • kVAR ratings: 50/75/100 up to 1000 kVAR
  • Fuse: Internal / External
  • Voltage: 11,3.3,3.6,4.2 up to 24 kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Other ratings can be supplied on request

All our capacitors are well tested as per industry standards and norms. We have our own in house test laboratory where the testing of capacitors is done at regular intervals of time. The capacitors as manufactured by us are used in different applications listed as below:

  • Power factor corrections using individual capacitor
  • Dynamic automatic power factor correction
  • Tuned and detuned passive filters
  • Harmonic filter applications with loads viz: UPS, VFD, furnaces, converters etc.
  • Transformer heat run test
  • Harmonic capacitors

We have a team of extremely dedicated power quality specialists providing services and end to end support to the customers. These services start right from the detection of power quality issues and then designing the perfect system, discussion meetings with customers, installation and functioning of proper equipment and lastly, accurate plan of after sales-services. This all becomes possible only due to our skilled technicians and power experts. Our capacitors are mainly used for applications by the below industries:

  • Furnace and induction industry
  • High voltage transformer testing
  • Series reactor testing
  • In case of active and passive filters.
  • Quality power supply problems in textile, railways, chemical, oil & gas refineries

We have established a well-known name for ourselves amongst our customers who are satisfied with our products and services. This has been possible due to different terms & conditions which we follow from our end. These can be briefed up as below:

  • We are one of the leading units in the field of latest technology and the required know-how
  • Our manufacturing processes and functioning is totally customer focused. We supply our products as per specifications mentioned by our customers
  • Providers of reliable, durable and rough tough design which will prove to be operational over a long period of time with minimum issues
  • End to end support which includes determining of the issue up to the annual maintenance services