Low Voltage Film Foil (APP) Capacitors / LT Capacitor

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Low Voltage Film and Foil Type Capacitors, APP Capacitors, LT Capacitor, LV Capacitors and our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

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General Information

‘Magnewin’ make Low Voltage Shunt Power capacitors are manufactured in state of art manufacturing facility situated at Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Applicable Standards

IS 13585 (Part 1), IEC 60931-1 1Ø/3Ø APP (Film + Foil) type Heavy Duty Capacitor for Power Factor Improvement & Harmonic Filtering

Standard ratings of Capacitors

Basic Single Capacitor unit ratings are as follows :

  • kVAR Ratings : 5,7.5,10…up to 50 KVAr
  • Phase : 1 Ø /3Ø
  • Fuse : Internal / External
  • Voltage: 415V,440V,525V….up to 1000V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Other ratings can be supplied on request

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Imported bi-axially oriented double side hazy Polypropylene film is used as dielectric and 99.9% pure Aluminium foil is used as conductor in making of capacitors.
Winding of the element is carried out on a modern Automatic winding machine, in a class 100 environment.
To identify weak spots / pin holes in the Polypropylene film, each element is tested with DC voltage in dry pressed conditions. Numbers of elements are interconnected in series – parallel combination depending on kVAr and Voltage rating of the Capacitor, with the help of modern soldering technique.
Dry pack is wrapped with several layers of high quality insulating paper before inserting it into a pre treated / degreased CRCA Container and the Top lid is welded by semiautomatic Pulse TIG welding machine.
Porcelain bushings of desired BIL are fitted on the lid ensuring leakproofness. The metal parts of terminals are manufactured from extruded brass.
All the terminal connections are tightened with torque wrench. The capacitors are then loaded in a PLC controlled autoclave for uniform heating and drying under vacuum for adequate period. After confirming the quality of drying by precision online monitoring instruments, Capacitors are then impregnated under vacuum with highly purified and degassed Non-Toxic non PCB impregnant. Capacitor unit is painted with 2 coats of Epoxy paint.The capacitors are then subjected to all routine tests in accordance to IS 13585-(Part 1) IEC-60931-1.


  • PF correction in LV network
  • LV Dynamic Automatic power factor correction panels
  • APFC (Contactor / Thyristor switched) power factor correction
  • Tuned and detuned Harmonic filters
  • Arc Welding Equipment’s
  • Paper Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Automobiles Manufacturing Industries
  • Motor consoled by variable frequency drives etc.
  • Main frequency industrial Furnace

Features and Protection

  • Bi-axially 0riented both side hazy(rough) polypropylene film to ensure good oil impregnation
  • 99.9% pure aluminium foil for high current carrying capacity
  • No reduction in output
  • Low operating Losses < 0.45 watts per kVAr
  • Suitable for flexi banking
  • High peak inrush current withstand capability
  • Specially vacuum processed, oil impregnated design
  • Suitable for frequent switching operation


  • Internal element fuse design
  • Non polluting, nonhazardous NPCB Capacitor fluid
  • Externally fitted Discharge resistors
  • Steel enclosure for protection from live terminals


All the Capacitors are tested as per IS 13585-(Part 1) / IEC-60931-1 with latest amendments. Standards in our well-equipped In House Test Laboratory. Magnewin Capacitors are type tested at regular intervals as per IS 13585 / IEC-60931-1 standards.

Technical Details

Standards IS 13585 - 1994
Rated Voltage 415V/440V ( Other Voltages on request)
Over Voltage .+10% (12h/24h), + 15% (30m/24h), 20% (5m), 30% (1m) as per clause 6.1 of IS13585 - 1994.
Over Current 2.0 x In
Peak Inrush Current 350 X In
Operating Losses ( Dielectric) < 0.2 w / kVAr
Operating Losses (Total ) < 0.45 w / kVAr
Ambient temperature -10 ° C to 55°C Other categories on request
Impregnation Non PCB insulation oil
Terminals Bushing Terminals designed for large size cable termination and direct busbar mounting for banking