Manufacturing Facilities

Imported bi-axially oriented double hazy (both side rough) polypropylene film and capacitor grade 99.9% pure aluminum foil are used as a dielectric and electrode. Wrinkle free elements are wound in a class 100 environment on semi-Automatic winding machines with edge and end folding of aluminum foil. Each wound dry element is subjected to DC over voltage test to eliminate faulty elements. Numbers of elements are stacked together to form a dry pack.

They are interconnected in series/parallel combinations to achieve the desired capacitance, voltage and kVAr ratings for the capacitor. Internal discharge resisters are provided across each capacitor to reduce the voltage below 75 volts within prescribed time as prescribed in the standards. The dry pack is wrapped with optimal number layers of high quality insulating paper before inserting into a pre-treated sheet metal container. Leak proof porcelain bushings of appropriate BIL are TIG welded on the embossed top lid, which is TIG welded to the container-Automatic welding machine.

The capacitors are then processed in PLC controlled autoclave for drying and vacuum treatment.The heating, drying and vacuum levels are monitored by using precision online instruments for preserving the quality of capacitors. They are then impregnated under vacuum with purified and degassed NPCB capacitor fluid.


The Fabrication Division has full - fledged in house fabrication shop incorporates hydraulic power press break up to 150 tons, power shear, die tools, punches and semi-Automatic welding machines etc. These in house facilities ensure to get the fabricated containers and cubicles, capacitor mounting frames and elevating structures on time with quality workmanship.


All capacitors are subjected to routine tests as per relevant IS/IEC standards and are also subjected to over voltage to ensure voltage withstand capability as per the company policy. Randomly picked up capacitors are subjected to Type test as per the relevant standards . Further, at regular intervals capacitors are tested at independent NABL accredited laboratories to ensure the quality and reliability.

Quality Control

Quality Control is an essential feature and all the incoming materials are inspected as per the relevant standard and specifications. In-process inspections are regularly conducted at each process level. All the records are documented and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001.

Pre-despatch Inspection

Each capacitor unit / bank /panel undergoes pre dispatch inspection by the quality control department. Equipment's are packed carefully so that they are received by the customers securely and safely without any transit damage.

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy is another important aspect for which the company has been paying much attention. But for the state of art plant and machinery, use of world class raw materials, updated manufacturing processes with strict quality control through precision online monitoring instruments, proper material handling systems and rigorous testing under extreme conditions - Magnewin capacitors can be assured for minimum 20 years of trouble free service life under normal working conditions.